Noel Coward’s

Present Laughter

Directed by Janet Nelson and Howard Rawlinson

November 21 to December 12

Present Laughter is a riotous comedy that celebrates playwright Noel Coward’s legendary wit and larger than life persona. Based on Coward himself, actor Garry Essendine, the principal character in the play, is the star of the London West End theatre scene.
Garry is at the height of his fame and adored by legions of admirers – perhaps a little too much! Fans regularly throw themselves at his feet, drawn in by his charm and charisma, transforming his
‘Kingdom’ into a shambolic farce.
Amid the chaos of the approach to Christmas, we see Garry getting set to embark on an African tour of his latest triumph, but life is never simple for him; amid a series of events bordering on farce, he is forced to juggle a besotted young woman with stars in her eyes, an unhinged young playwright obsessed with being in Garry’s presence, and his best friend’s wife who is determined to seduce him. As if this is not enough, he must placate his manager, his producer, his long-suffering secretary, his estranged ex-wife, his Cockney valet, his fortune-telling, chain-smoking Swedish housekeeper and an impending mid-life crisis, as his 4oth birthday looms closer and closer … what could possibly go wrong?
Our highly entertaining cast in Coward’s rip-roaring comedy are:

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Present Laughter was blessed to have TERRY HOLDOM and LIBBY CUSICK as our artists in residence.

They have attended rehearsals and have created character based paintings of each cast member.

You can see all the paintings resulting from this blending of the arts in our foyer for the duration of the production.

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Lee Mayne as Garry Essendine

Amanda Woolford as Liz Essendine

Graham Wilson as Henry Lyppiatt

Sandy Aldred as Joanna Lyppiatt

Bridget Barry as Daphne Stillington

Tracey Owens as Monica Reed

Jack Madden as Roland Maule

Jo Cooper as Fred

Robert Tesoriero as Morris Dixon

Leanne Mueller as Miss Erikson

Melissa Bannister as Lady Saltburn