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Directed by Cheryl Sovechles

Les Darcy was born in Maitland in 1895 and rose to great acclaim to become world renowned middle-weight boxing champion, hailed as the ‘Maitland Wonder’ and in search of fame and fortune he travelled to the USA under much controversy surrounding the draft but his US career was not to be, more than 100 years after his death the Les Darcy legend lives on.

Written in the old Theatre hall style not often explored or performed these days, Jack Hibberd’s play combines naturalistic elements interrupted by songs, dances and and lots of local history.

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Directed by Janet Nelson

Set in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage at Eden on the New South Wales south coast, this is a play about the nature of memory and whose version of the past is the most reliable.
Melding naturalism, farce and melodrama and using poetry and cinematic projection, Eden shines a light on 30-something Carla’s
memories of childhood trauma and her father Luigi’s categorically different recollections of the same events.
Powerful, emotive and challenging, Eden is an edge-of-your seat drama designed to provoke debate and contemplation well beyond the theatre.
The play has special currency in the light of the ‘Me Too’ movement, the allegations against the former Federal Attorney-General, and the courageous and unflinching advocacy of Grace Tame, the 2021 Australian of the Year.

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Directed by Fran Hodgson

What would you do to get your hands on tons of money?

Aubrey Allington is an inventor, not a very good one but he and wife Louise live the high life on credit. He does stand to inherit tons of money from his deceased brother but how to stop the creditors from taking it all.

Perhaps a fool proof plan to stage his own death and assume the identify of his missing cousin to claim the cash?

What could possibly go wrong?

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Directed by Melody Thorburn

Bash is a collection of three one-act plays written by Neil La Bute. Each is a personal account of a significant event in the lives of each character. These characters are familiar and apparently charming – but do they have a more sinister side?
Iphigenia In Orem:
Some years after the death of his baby daughter, a businessman from Utah addresses an unseen person in a Las Vegas hotel room.
A Gaggle of Saints:
Two interwoven monologues tell the story of a young Mormon couple enjoying an anniversary weekend in New York City. John’s encounter with two gay men in Central Park changes everything.
Medea Redux:
A woman sits alone in a mental health facility, thinking about a past lover – her high school teacher – and what went so terribly wrong when she visited him some years later..

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Directed by Claire Williams

If you could write your own eulogy, what would you say?

Dan has a way with words.

He is an aspiring actor, paying the bills by delivering eulogies at funerals.

Dan is hired by terminally ill Bedford, who wants to control what is said about him when he’s dead.

Somehow Dan has to find not just the words, but the truth, to talk about a life not yet ended.

A psychological drama dressed in dark humour, written by former ABC journalist and presenter Scott Bevan.

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Directed by Phoebe Turnbull

Every Saturday, nine teenage girls come together to perform a precise set of warms-ups before their weekly soccer game.
They are also navigating the much less precise process of coming of age.
This sharp and fast-paced show explores what it is to be a young woman in today’s world. The Wolves’ hypnotic combination of
physical movement and lyrical conversation grips audiences as they become invested in every team huddle, every secret shared, and
every grapevine step.
We’ll see you on the pitch!
“The scary, exhilarating brightness of raw adolescence emanates from every scene of this uncannily assured first play by Sarah De
Lappe.”- The New York Times.

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Directed by Stewart McGowan

Kathryn Attwood’s 2017 play is based on Jane Austen’s unfinished 1803 novel of the same name.

The play offers surprises and delights both for those new to Jane Austen and those familiar with her work.

There’s some unexpectedly modern twists in this story of a Regency girl looking for love.

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