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Love Letters

Since its premiere in 1988, Albert Gurney’s Love Letters has become a perennial favourite with actors and audiences. The play was a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 1990. The notes, letters and cards that Andrew Makepeace Ladd III and Melissa Gardner exchanged form the text of the play. Over 50 years of correspondence, they discuss their dreams and disappointments – and their complicated relationship with each other over the course of their separated lives.

27 October – 2pm

29 October – 8pm

30 October – 2pm and 8pm


Welcome to Newy's newest and shortest short play festival! For one day a year, dozens of artists come together for Play Date! Play Date is Knock and Run Theatre’s annual short play festival that celebrates community and collaboration!
This year's theme is "Time & Space". Settle in for tales ranging from intergalactic space adventures to heartfelt stories about growing old. Anything is possible and the only limit is your imagination.
The show will roughly run for 2 hours. 2 acts, each running for approximately 50 minutes with a 15 minute intermission.


6 Nov 2021

The Hit and Miss Theatre Company is in need of a good Christmas show, bums on seats, festive cheer, moral fable, every year they do A Christmas Carol but there is a new artistic director in town with new ideas.

A battle wages between tried and true vs daring and new. From the award-winning writer of Mr Bennet’s Bride, The Third Act and Water Child – Emma Wood

Join us for a sherry and start your silly season with us at NTC.

Directed by Pearl Nunn, this hilarious comedy is set to burst onto our stage in late November.


Ash – Emily Williams
Tom – James Patton
Jax – Connie Voisey-Barlin
Carol – Katy Carruthers
Charles – Malcolm Young
Walter – Peter Eyre
Dawn – Vanessa MacArthur

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Casting Announcement

To be performed in 2022

Granny WeatherwaxJo Cooper
Nanny OggLeanne Mueller
Magrat GarlickClaire Thomas
Duchess -Lady FelmetKirsty Horton
Duke – Leonal FelmetLee Mayne
The FoolEamon McEntee
Sergeant etcAimee Cavanagh
Demon etcRichard Murray
Ghost of King V etcMichael Smythe
Tomjon etcAlison Lancey
Hwel etcHelen Comber