Steel Magnolias tells the story of six women and how the bonds of their friendships strengthen through good times and bad.
The play is set in the fictitious southern town of Chinquapin, Louisiana, in Truvy’s beauty shop where all the ladies, and anyone who is anyone, come to get their
hair done. Wise-cracking beauty shop owner Truvy dispenses shampoo and free advice to her customers – “Honey, time marches on and eventually you realise it’s
marching across your face” – and is helped by her new assistant Annelle.
Her customers include Miss Clairee, widow of the former Mayor, “the only thing that separates us from the animals is our ability to accessorise”; Ouiser, a wealthy
curmudgeon “I’m not crazy…I’ve just been in a bad mood for 40 years”; M’Lynn and her daughter Shelby, the prettiest girl in town, who is about to marry her
sweetheart, Jackson.
Steel Magnolias plays 24 July to 14 August, with five matinees – Sunday 25 July, Saturday 31 July, Sunday 1 August, Saturday 7 August and Sunday 8 August.
Grab your best friends and come and see this heart-warming play. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

As part of NTC’s Indie Season, KNOCK & RUN THEATRE is thrilled to present:
TREVOR” by Nick Jones!
Inspired by true events, Trevor is a subversive comedy about fame, success, and the lies we tell ourselves in order to keep people from taking away an erratic,
200-pound chimpanzee. At the centre of this hilarious and heart-wrenching play are two individuals fighting against a world unable to understand their love:
Trevor, a chimpanzee who once performed in commercials with the likes of Morgan Fairchild, and his owner Sandra, who swears he would never hurt a fly…at least
not on purpose. A moving exploration of family, flawed communication, and humanity.
The third and final instalment of Knock And Run’s Animal Cracker Trilogy (Year Of The Rooster, Circumference Of A Squirrel, Trevor)- Trevor is directed by Allison
Van Gaal and assisted by Stephanie Hilkmann. The stellar cast consists of James Chapman (Things I Know To Be True), Karen Lantry ( Much Ado About Nothing),
Lissy Shand (Kid Stakes), Zac Smith (Mamma Mia), Patrick Campbell (The Shawshank Redemption), Ben Louttit (Two Point Oh) and Marissa Saroca (Ajax In Iraq).

84 Charing Cross Road is presented as part of the NTC 2021 Indie season
When Helene Hanff, a New York script-reader sees an ad in the Saturday Review of Literature for a
bookstore in London that does mail order, she writes to see if they can help with her “antiquarian taste in books.” So begins a twenty year relationship. The story of
this charming correspondence is told in the play 84 Charing Cross Road.
At first the letters are between Helene and the bookshop manager Frank Doel but their warmth
and humour, along with the generous gifts of food parcels, sent when Helene finds out that England
is still under rationing, soon endear Helene to the entire staff and their families. Through the letters we get to join in with the big events like the coronation as well
as the small, such as how to make Yorkshire pudding. Of course we also follow Helene’s dreams of one day seeing “the England of English literature”.
Helene Hanff published their correspondence after Frank died and 84 Charing Cross Road is her
most famous book.

As part of the NTC 2021 Indie season we are excited to present The Laramie Project.
It’s 1998 and the town of Laramie, Wyoming, has been changed forever after a senseless hate crime which attracts worldwide attention. A theatre company comes
to town to ask the citizens what happened, how something so terrible could occur in a town often overlooked. Through the use of the citizen’s own words, diary
entries, and news reports, The Laramie Project tells a powerful, humorous and important story about acceptance, intolerance and a town looking to rebuild.

Her Productions is very excited to be presenting Uncle Vanya by Anton Chekhov, adapted by Annie Baker. Set on a remote rural estate, tensions run high for a Russian family trying to survive and retain their landed-gentry. As they struggle to come to terms with their fading youth, lost opportunities and their yet to be determined futures, Chekhov holds up a mirror inviting us to ask the unavoidable questions, What will become of us? Who will remember us? What will we leave
behind? Can we change?
“Annie Baker’s colloquial version of Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya is more than a modern-dress treatment of a classic work. It’s a fresh rethinking of the material from the perspective of a modern mind.” – Variety
Uncle Vanya will be Her Production’s debut performance, starring Michael Booth, Marigold Pazar, Charlotte De Wit, Mark Pegler, Matthew Heys, Katy Carruthers, Ben Louttit, and Pamela Cleland.

Barefoot in the Park is a romantic comedy by Neil Simon. Corie and Paul begin married life in a tiny 5th floor apartment in New York. Paul is a strait-laced attorney
while Corie is a free spirit, Adjusting to married life isn’t easy as the couple contend with a lack of heating, a leaking roof, several long flights of stairs, the oddball
neighbour, the telephone repairer and Corie’s well-meaning mother. It is a delightfully fun play and a nice tribute to the mastery of Neil Simon.

The Hit and Miss Theatre Company is in need of a good Christmas show., bums on seats, festive cheer, moral fable, every year they do A Christmas Carol but there
is a new artistic director in town with new ideas. A battle wages between tried and true vs daring and new. From the award-winning writer of Mr Bennet’s Bride,
The Third Act and Water Child – Emma Wood. Join us for a sherry and start your silly season with us at NTC.