A deeply silly satire about graft in an ill-managed provincial town 

The Government Inspector follows a panicked mayor and his cronies as they mistake an aristocratic traveller for the incognito official assigned to investigate their district. Fearing exile to Siberia, they lavish him with bribes and fawning attention — which the man, a penniless opportunist, is only too happy to accept.  A classic case of mistaken identity and mayhem ensues, offering an hilarious reminder of the terrifying timelessness of bureaucracy and buffoonery! 

Raised in Ukraine, discovered in Russia, still adored in both countries, Nikolai Gogol (1809 – 1852) exposes the absurdity of life under autocracy better than anyone. He understood “what perfect nonsense goes on in the world”.  

This new translation is by the late June Goss, a political activist associated with the New Theatre, Newtown, in the 1950s. This is its first presentation on stage. 

This production will be dedicated to our late friend and member, Noel Grivas, as well as June Goss, his mother. 

Season: May 13- 27


Every Wed, Fri, Sat – 8pm


Sun May 14 & Sat May 20 – 2pm

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