A story about upsetting the potato cart and standing up for what is right

Appleton, a tidy town since 1987, is a typical small country town in New South Wales. It is renowned for its potato growing and annual Show, where the Appleton potato race offers a first prize for men of $1,000 and a first prize for the ladies of $200. What? That can’t be right in this day and age! Well, in a lot of ways, life hasn’t changed in Appleton.

Penny Anderson grew up in Appleton and moved to the big smoke as soon as she could. Now that her marriage is over, she returns as the new GP. But can you really go home? Can you take on a cause and still be accepted? Can you make a difference? 

Penny, Nikki, Rania, Bev and Barb face real world problems: health concerns, sole parenting, family disconnect, refugee acceptance. The play explores these themes through a comic lens with great heart. Women working together, shouldering the load.

It’s time to get ready, get set, and go, for The Appleton Ladies Potato Race.

Season: November 18 – December 2


Every Wed, Fri, Sat – 8pm


Sun Nov 19, Sat Nov 25 & Sun Nov 26 – 2pm

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