Merrily We Roll Along

A Broadway fable about friendship, compromise, and the high price of success

Stephen Sondheim and George Furth expertly capture the energy of a backstage musical to create a contemporary story about the importance of staying true to one’s ideals.

Merrily We Roll Along begins at the end and moves backwards, tracking back through the lives of wealthy, jaded composer Franklin, Charley, his lyricist, and their long-time friend Mary past each milestone of their personal and professional lives (good and bad). The show ends with a touch of rueful irony, as the three best friends, now at the start of their careers, face a bright future: young, talented and enthusiastic about the worlds waiting to be conquered.

David Gray

Kieran Norman


4 – 18 February
Wed, Fri, Sat – 8pm


Sun 5 February – 2pm
Sat 11 February – 2pm

Sun 12 February – 2pm

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