NTC has a broad season for a broad range of theatre-goers. We work hard to make sure there’s something for everyone! Now, our choices are even wider, with two complimentary seasons running each year!

Click to see what's on the NTC Subscriber season 2023
Click to see what's on the NTC Indie season 2023

Our SUBSCRIBER SEASON, also called the Main Stage Season, is what’s in our Annual Subscriptions. These are a mix of sure-to-delight classics, new works by tried-and-true masters of the craft, and the odd musical or two! These shows are the bread and butter of any company, and that’s why we do SEVEN every year!

Our INDIE SEASON is our chance to give opportunity to young creatives. We have so many resources, and so many keen young writers and directors. We decided we should share what we have and add them to our schedule each year. These shows are not available in our subscription, but with four edgy and challenging shows each year, you’ll be blown away by these!

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