Turning Points – Stories of then and now by Stroke Survivors

Turning Points – Stories of then and now by Stroke Survivors
Directed and adapted by Emma Wood, Coordinated by Nick Higginbotham


In July 2019, ABC’s Compass program aired the intimate and emotionally honest drama of 10 stroke survivors talking about their real-life experiences of living through a stroke and its aftermath.


Their stories were woven into a script, helped along by Sydney based director and playwright Linden Wilkinson, and My Mind’s I was born. The show was performed in January to new stroke inpatients going through rehabilitation. 


The ensemble’s intention with the play reflected their own stroke journeys: “If we had known then what we know now, ‘then’ wouldn’t have been so bad.”


Performing My Mind’s I was so satisfying that the stroke ensemble stayed together. With the guidance and playmaking finesse of Newcastle’s Emma Wood, they have a written a new play which will premiere at Newcastle Theatre Company on Sunday 24 November, at 2pm.


Their new play Turning Points explores critical moments after stroke recovery, when survivors find the power to redefine themselves, building new and satisfying lives. It dances through the day to day challenges of living with brain injury, the funny and not so funny aspects of placing one foot in front of the other.


Turning Points also features the reflections of loved ones who care for stroke survivors and face their own river of challenges.


Sadly, one of the original ensemble, Brian Lowe, passed away in September. The ensemble pays a touching tribute to Brian during their performance.


Following the performance of Turning Points there will be a musical performance by the Conservatorium Brainwaves Choir, directed by Bernadette Matthias.


The stroke ensemble project has been supported by Hunter Community Stroke Team; Hunter New England Local Health District; HMRI; The University of Newcastle; Conservatorium Brainwaves Choir; Newcastle Theatre Company; and Chris and Shirley Piggott. 


Turning Points premieres at Newcastle Theatre Company, 90 De Vitre Street Lambton, on Sunday, 24 November at 2pm. The duration of the event is one hour.


Adults are $10 and children are free. Tickets are available at the door.