Murder on the Nile

Murder on the Nile by Agatha Christie
12 – 27 June


Who doesn’t love an Agatha Christie Murder Mystery?


Agatha wrote the play Murder on the Nile in 1944, based on her 1937 book Death on the Nile, as she had fallen in love with all things theatrical. It opened on the West End in 1946. Her play of Appointment with Death opened the year before and the very successful Mousetrap would open in the same theatre six years later.


This is the age-old story of boy meets girl – with a wicked twist. Girl introduces boy to best friend and boy then runs off and marries wealthy best friend. Girl exacts revenge by turning up to all the honeymoon destinations and making a nuisance of herself.


Simon and Kay Mostyn are on their honeymoon through the exotic Far East and Egypt culminating with a luxury cruise on the river Nile. Have they finally evaded the annoying presence of jilted Jacqueline? An unexpected shot in the dark changes everything with all on board seeming to have a connection and therefore a motive.


The detective skills of Canon Pennefather will be needed to unearth the killer before they reach the next port. This is an intriguing mystery to warm up mid-winter audiences.


NTC in conjunction with Samuel French presents the classic Murder on the Nile.


Directed by Fran Hodgson