Kid Stakes

Kid Stakes

26th April – 11th May 2019


Kid Stakes Is the first story in the ‘Doll trilogy’ it is 1937, here we meet the characters, Olive and Nancy, Roo and Barney, Emma and Bubba for the first time, bringing them all together into the shabby Carlton Terrace. After a chance encounter at the aquarium, and some fancy manoeuvring by the 2 cane cutters Roo and Barney, the 2 couples begin their 17 year journey which eventually ends with the final instalment, Ray Lawler’s Classic Australian play Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, which was performed as part of NTC’s 2018 season. Kid Stakes was written in the 1970’s a decade and a half after the ‘Doll’ and in it we explore the characters, their lives and choices made in their youth which sets them on their journey, this is the summer of the first doll .


Let us take you back to the beginning, Kid Stakes is about youth and new love and the excitement of what the future might hold. It is about evaluating the opportunities that present themselves and the choices we make.


The Play is directed by Cheryl Sovechles and the Cast consist of, Lissy Shand as Olive, Jarrod Sansom as Roo, Maddie Richards as Nancy, Zac Smith as Barney, Ben Martin as Dickie Pouncett and Jan Hunt as Emma.


Directed by Cheryl Sovechles