Daughters of Heaven

Daughters of Heaven by Michelanne Forster
13 – 28 March


“We had the right to do what we needed to in the interest of our own happiness.”
– Juliet Hulme.


In July 1954 the quiet, conservative city of Christchurch was thrust into the world spotlight when two young girls brutally battered one of their mothers to death. This true story was the basis of Peter Jackson’s 1994 movie Heavenly Creatures and launched Kate Winslet’s career in her first film role as Juliet Hulme. New Zealand actor Melanie Lynskey played Pauline Parker.


Michelanne Forster’s 1991 award-winning play Daughters of Heaven predates the film and focuses on the passionate friendship between the two girls and how their fantasies and obsessive love led ultimately to bloody matricide.


For those who love true crime and excellent adult drama, Daughters of Heaven will be one of the highlights of your 2020 season.


Directed by Leanne Mueller & Lyn Singer