Glorious! by Peter Quilter
1 – 16 May


Glorious! is a delightful comedy based on the true story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a singer often referred as the worst singer in the world or at least 1940’s New York, where the play is set. Although she couldn’t sing, she took every available opportunity to perform in public. While some were appalled by her persistence, she had many fans who were happy to buy a ticket for one of her concerts which often ended with the audience falling about with laughter.


The cast includes her non-English-speaking Mexican maid, an admiring Englishman ‘friend’ St Clair, her new accompanist Cosme McMoon, Mrs Verrinder-Gedge (one of her very vocal critics) and her loyal friend Dorothy who brings her dog.


Jenkins was a woman who refused to give up on herdreams. The play culminates in her now very famous concert staged at Carnegie Hall.


She was known to have said rather proudly, “I am well aware there are people who say I cannot sing! Well, whatever the case may be there is no one here who can say I didn’t sing!
– Florence Foster Jenkins


Directed by Cheryl Sovechles