NTC Renewal Project

In September 2019 Newcastle Theatre Company received a received a My Community Project grant from the NSW government of more than $192,000. Our project sponsor was Rotary Club of Newcastle Enterprise.

Our project was entitled Theatre Makeover – Arts and Culture for All.

The funding provides for a major refurbishment of both theatre buildings to enhance their visual appeal and amenity for both creatives and patrons.

This follows work done earlier in the year to remediate fire safety issues which we funded with the kind support of many individual donors, in addition to drawing on reserves.

The project has a number of components:

  1. New air conditioning system to enhance the comfort of our patrons and creatives.
  2. A bold new façade to provide an integrated, contemporary, inviting look. The work will be completed by Kingston Building Australia.
  3. Laneway refurbishment is the third component of the renewal project. It includes painting, lighting, planter boxes, seating and a new sliding gate. An additional feature is a mural to be constructed with the input of members and patrons under the leadership of Rhonda Blaxland .  This work will be completed in October of this year.

If you have any questions about the renewal project please don’t hesitate to contact our office via email.

[email protected]