NTC Committee and Staff

Our committee and staff are hard working theatre tragics who balance busy lives with running our theatre.

NTC is run by volunteers, both those elected annually to the NTC Committee and those who serve on various sub committees, as well as the many, many folks who lend their time and talents across shows and seasons to make it a thriving theatrical hub for adults of all ages.

Our committee for 2023/24


President: Zac Smith

Vice Presidents: Tracey Gordon & David Gray

Treasurer: Stephen Box

Secretary: Meg Connelly (acting)

Membership Secretary: Melody Thorburn


Michael Blaxland OAM

Craig Barnes

Matthew Collins

Kate Dun

Georgi Lamond

Phil McGrath

Tracey Owens

Scott Thorburn

Staff & Co-Ordinators

Office Manager: Cheryl Sovechles

Head Photographer: Joerg Lehmann

Web Manager: David Gray

Social Media Coordinator: Susan Dredge and Zac Smith

Workshop Manager: Stephen Hill

Wardrobe Coordinator: Fran Hodgson

Properties Coordinator: Megan Connelly

Bar Managers: Vivien Brown and Tracey Gordon

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