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A sharply salty, quickfire evocation of the surface gaiety and underlying melancholia of English pub life.

Michael Billington, The Guardian.

What does life have left to offer when love has faded and all that lies ahead are endless days of backbreaking work?

Can one find true love with a man who has a constantly roving eye?

Does size matter?

Where does one find comfort or solace when a loved one has passed beyond this mortal life or is close to doing so?

What does a mistress do on her night off?

Could having a pint at the local while watching an old movie on the telly rekindle a romance? What price is love?

Set in a typical northern England pub in the late 1980s, Two explores the realities of life for working class people in hilarious and often moving ways. Whether through the caustic exchanges between the landlord and landlady or the interactions of the locals who frequent their establishment, come on an intimate journey into their lives during a typical evening out. Some look for love, others solace, others for something more than just settling for the average. Cartwright’s style quickly evokes the lives of these diverse characters through a series of vignettes that all will recognise and relate to. You have either met or know people like them. So, buy a drink and take a seat. Promises will be made, hearts broken, stories shared, and long-hidden secrets revealed. Tonight’s a night just like any other…or is it?

Two is directed by Rosemary Dartnell, and features two of Newcastle’s most talented and popular performers:

Lynda Rennie as Landlady and other characters

Richard Murray as Landlord and other characters

Two runs Wednesday 3 March, Friday 5 March, Saturday 6 March at 8pm, with a matinee performance on Saturday 6 March at 2pm. All tickets $25.