Casting in progress and soon to announced

Director Fran Hodgson has great pleasure in announcing auditions for “Tons of Money” scheduled to be performed at NTC 5 – 27 August.

All 10 roles are open for audition and include a variety of main and supporting roles.

Auditions will be conducted as a cold read on the following dates:

Friday 22nd April from 3pm – 6:30pm

Saturday 23rd April from 1pm – 4pm

Book an audition time by contacting NTC

Ph: 49524958 email: [email protected]

Contact the Fran Hodgson 0414 449 252 if you wish to audition and cannot make either of these dates.

No auditions will be held prior to Easter due to other commitments of the Director.

Note ages and description below are offered as a guide.

Aubrey Henry Maitland Allington: Main role, male 30 -45 years.

Carefree inventor and schemer, lives on credit and has no intention of paying anyone. Involves some physical comedy.

Louise Allington: Main role, female 25 – 35 years.

Wife of Aubrey, comes up with the plan to inherit tons of money and solve all their financial woes. Dry wit.

Sprules, a Butler: Main role – male, age open.

Scheming a way to advance himself and take advantage of the circumstances.

Simpson, a maid: supporting role. Age open but needs to be similar age or younger than Sprules.

Female, impressionable, in love with Sprules and wanting to marry him. Not very bright.

Miss Benita Mullet: Substantial role – Spinster Aunt of Aubrey and Louise, female over 50 years.

Hard of hearing although denies it. Considered eccentric but is very observant.

Jean Everard: Substantial role. Female role 25 – 35 years.

School friend of Louise. Very flirtatious. Good comedic timing. Needs to be comfortable with kissing multiple characters. Will need to look similar age to Louise.

Chesterman, a Solicitor: Recurring role. Gender blind casting. Age open.

Giles, the Gardener: Minor role, comedic timing person of few words. Gender blind casting. Age open.

Henery, brother of Sprules: Supporting role, Male under 45.

Flirtatious. 2nd half role. Won’t be required for all rehearsals initially.

George Maitland, cousin of Aubrey: supporting role, Male 30 – 50 years.

2nd half role. Won’t be required for all rehearsals.