The Fine Art of Deception

Directed by Leanne Mueller

Written by Carl Caulfield.

A contemporary thriller set in Chelsea, London. Contains violence, strong language and black humour.

Runs 7 to 21 May 2022. Rehearsals start 1st week in March.


Suzanne Faith.

Age- 60s. Very elegant, smart, confident.

Gallery owner in London.

Worked as a model and still does on occasion.

Hung out with the Stones in the 60s. Well off and part of the social scene.

Marty Green.

Age- 20s. Working class, mixes with petty crooks. From Streatham Common, London. Street smart but not real bright. Well built, good looking and can be a bit of a charmer.

Margo Ryan

Age 40s – 60. Visually impaired, almost totally blind. Tenacious and tough,not a person to cross. Best friend and neighbour of Suzanne.

Daniel Field

Age – 40s – 50s. Part owner in the gallery with Suzanne though he does most of the work organising exhibitions etc. Sartorial elegant, likes to dress in bright jackets, waistcoat and bow tie. Doesn’t have the social profile of Suzanne and wishes he did.
Auditions Saturday 27th November 9am to 1pm

and Sunday 28th November 9am to 12pm 

Call the office if you would like a script you can prepare a short monologue.

Cold read on the day.