by Daniel Scott

Directed by Janet Nelson

‘Eden’ is part of NTC’s Indie Season, a Venue Hire Production

About the play.

Set in a lighthouse keeper’s cottage at Eden on the New South Wales far south coast, this is a play about the nature of memory and whose version of the past is the most reliable. 

Melding theatrical styles including farce, melodrama, naturalism, and using poetry and cinematic projection, Eden shines a light on 30-something Carla’s recovered memories of childhood trauma while revealing her father Luigi’s categorically different understanding of the same events. 

Powerful, emotive and challenging, Eden is an engrossing, entertaining and edge-of-your-seat drama that is designed to provoke public debate and contemplation well beyond the theatre.

The play has special currency in the light of the ‘Me Too’ movement, of the allegations against the Federal Attorney General and the courageous and unflinching advocacy of Grace Tame, the 2021 Australian of the Year.


Friday Feb 11th.. 6.00 to 9.00 pm (30 minute slots) T B C

Saturday Feb 12th..10.00 am to 1.00 pm (30 minute slots)T B C 

St Stephens Church Hall,  Brunker Road.       

Rehearsals start during the week of March 28th and continue on Mondays and Wednesdays 7.00 to 10.00 plus Sunday afternoons 1.00 to 4.00 (start date T B C).Production Week @ both venues will require extra calls, which will be confirmed later.

The Season….There will be a split Season of four weeks (2 weekends @ Brunker Theatre followed immediately by 2 weeks @ Newcastle Theatre Company  

PERFORMANCE dates and times T B CFull Season Friday June 24th to Saturday July 16th

BUMP OUT Sunday July 17th

SCRIPTS…Digital copy on request from [email protected]

Please read the whole play.

WHAT SHOULD I PREPARE? Select two speeches from Eden, that you think defines the character you are auditioning for most clearly. It is not essential that you learn them but you must be really familiar with the text and the character and be able to show clear emotional inner life during your presentation.You may also be asked to cold read a speech or scene or attend a workshop with some other actors. We look forward to auditioning actors from the widest possible Newcastle Theatre scene. 

You must book audition slots with Howard (PM) …. please notify which role you will be auditioning for. If you are unable to come on any of the audition days or have any other queries or problems please contact, JANET NELSON  by email [email protected] or HOWARD RAWLINSON (PM) by phone 0400 105 521

P M: Howard Rawlinson                                 

S M: Libby DeVenny

Characters available for casting.

30-something poet born to an Italian-Australian father and Kenyan Indian mother.

Lost her mother at the age of 10. Brought up in Sydney by her father Luigi, with a period spent at boarding school, where she met her closest friend, Ginnie.

Prior to the action, has been on a journey of experiential self-discovery that has led her to making accusations against her father

Carla’s best friend and sometime lover, a successful jewellery designer, who now calls New York home.

She has hurried back to Australia to spend time with Carla in her time of crisis. Quirky and happy-go-lucky, she is both foil to her friend and a questioning female voice that, perhaps for her own reasons, cannot entirely go along with what her friend believes happened to her in the childhood that they partly shared.

Carla’s 40-something partner, a largely reformed ex-South African right-wing extremist who fled the country after being involved in bombings around the time of Nelson Mandela’s election, Tom now works as an armourist and stunt
man in the Australian film industry.

Tom has been fundamental to Carla’s journey into her troubling past and has his own reasons for wanting her to
confront and then forgive her father for his alleged wrongdoings.

In his early 60s, Luigi is a successful entrepreneur, who was left to single parent Carla, when he lost his wife when Carla was only 10.

Passionate and powerful, he returns to Australia from London in order to contest his daughter’s version of the past and to restore their relationship.

When Luigi arrives at the lighthouse cottage in the second half of Eden, all hell lets loose dramatically as he is, in effect, put on trial by Carla for what she believed happened during her childhood. He is deeply sincere in his avowed innocence, while able to acknowledge that, like any parent, he made mistakes.