Book your time for all auditions by contacting NTC:


All roles are available for audition. Rehearsals will commence late August and will be held on Saturday afternoons + 2 evenings per week to be negotiated. I am keen to cast a swing for the older and younger women’s roles, who will assist in the rehearsals, be available to step into the roles and take to the stage for a limited number of performances.
The Play is presented as a collection of short scenes, and it is very important that all actors are available for all rehearsals. Copies of the script are available at the theatre or can be emailed by contacting the
Theatre office between 3pm – 6pm Monday – Friday.
You can prepare a short monologue of your choosing or participate in a series of cold read selections from the script. If you use a monologue that is not from the Play, you will also be asked to read some portions of the script.

List of Roles:

Dr Penny Anderson: age 30 – 45.
Penny grew up in Appleton and felt like she never really fitted in. She moved to Sydney to study Medicine and her long time relationship has just ended, so she has returned to her hometown to gather herself and set up a GP practice.
Nikki Armstrong : age 30 – 45
Nikki is Penny’s cousin. She never left Appleton, married young and had 4 boys in quick succession. She’s now separated from Mark and works 2 jobs: runs her own hair dressing business as well as working at the local Hotel, coaches the under 13s football side and is Ladies Potato Race Champion.
Rania Hamid: age 30 – 45
A Syrian refugee with a 12 yo daughter. Now an artist but previously a  teacher in Syria, she is training for the Potato Race and trying hard to fit into this rural NSW town.
Barb Ling: age 60 +
Barb is an upbeat people pleaser, Aunt to Penny and Nikki, she was never able to have children of her own and is very proud of her nieces. She is the Secretary of the Appleton Show Committee.
Bev Armstrong : age 60 +
Bev is the President of the Appleton Show committee, she’s a no-nonsense rural woman, carer for her husband who has had a stroke and her son who is in and out of rehab following separation from Nikki. She doesn’t like change and is always in charge.

Contact the Theatre to book an audition time
from the following dates:
Saturday 13th May 3pm – 6pm / Tuesday 16th May 3pm – 6pm / Wednesday 17th May 4:30pm – 6:00pm.
Call Fran Hodgson 0414 449 252 with any other enquiries.


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