Who we are

Newcastle Theatre Company Inc is one of the busiest regional theatre companies in Australia. With eight mainstage shows per year, four “Indie” productions, play readings, special events like “Play in a Day”, working bees and social events, the opportunities to participate on and offstage are unparalleled.

We love to welcome new members to become part of our theatre family.

NTC is proud to be an organisation run by volunteers, both those elected annually to the NTC Committee and those who serve on various sub committees, as well as the many, many folks who lend their time and talents across shows and seasons to make it a thriving theatrical hub for adults of all ages.

63 years of archives will soon be made available online

Where it all began

In 1957 two talented young people, Shirley and Peter Bloomfield, turned their dream of creating a quality theatre company into reality. With the help of some passionate friends they created Newcastle Repertory Club.

Decades later, the theatre company is now trading as Newcastle Theatre Company Inc and their vision lives on.

Our theatre displays some of our historical and more recent show posters.

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